First-ever for Apple: iPhone takes all Top 7 spots in 2023 smartphone sales: Who are the rest?

First-ever for Apple: iPhone takes all Top 7 spots in 2023 smartphone sales: Who are the rest?
As the new year kicks off, it is that time again when reports on companies' performance from the previous year start flooding in. And this year is no exception! Counterpoint Technology Market Research, a global firm known for its expertise in the technology, media, and telecom sectors, has just released its annual list of the top-selling smartphones.

Guess what? For the first time, Apple has dominated the entire top seven spots in the global best-selling smartphones for 2023. Samsung managed to snag the three remaining positions, inching up by one spot from 2022. It's been a two-brand show since 2021, with no others making the cut.

In 2022, Apple had an even stronger showing, with eight iPhone models in the top spots, but Samsung's Galaxy A13 snuck in at number four. So, in 2023, Apple takes the crown with an uninterrupted run at the top of the chart for the first time.

According to Counterpoint, the combined market share of Apple and Samsung hit an all-time high in 2023. Together, these two giants captured 20% of the market share, a slight increase from 19% in 2022.

Which smartphones stole the show and landed on the list?

In 2023, Apple's iPhone 14 clinched the title of the best-selling smartphone, and interestingly, half of its sales came from the US and China. This model contributed to 19% of the total iPhone sales for the year, a slight dip from its predecessor, the iPhone 13, which held a 28% share in 2022.

The limited differences between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 resulted in a lower adoption of the base variant. Instead, more users gravitated towards the iPhone Pro variants, lured by substantial upgrades like, for example, Dynamic Island, a more advanced chipset, and a higher display refresh rate.

In the fourth quarter of 2023, the iPhone 15 series made a splash by securing the top three spots on the global bestseller list, with the iPhone 15 Pro Max emerging as the best-selling smartphone. Despite major competitors experiencing declines, Apple's total sales remained steady throughout 2023.

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This stability was partly attributed to a significant boost from emerging markets like India, the Middle East, and Africa. Notably, India joined the ranks as the fifth smartphone market to surpass 10 million iPhone unit sales in a single year, underscoring its growing importance for Apple. Thanks to these factors, the iPhone 15 series performed on par with the iPhone 14 series in 2022.

The trusty iPhone 13, despite being the oldest on the list, held its ground in the fourth position with a solid double-digit year-over-year volume growth in both Japan and India. In Japan, the strategic push from carrier promotions gave older iPhones the edge over the newer generation, while in India, the iPhone 13's appealing value proposition made it a crowd-pleaser.

Samsung's budget-friendly A series made a significant impact by securing three spots in the top-10 list, showcasing its strong value proposition and widespread availability across diverse geographies and customer categories. The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G stood out, claiming the eighth spot with impressive sales in both the US and India. Notably, it emerged as the best-selling smartphone in India for 2023.

Adding to the list, the Samsung Galaxy A04e and A14 4G, the only LTE-capable smartphones in the lineup, secured the remaining two positions. Their affordability played a pivotal role in driving sales in emerging markets such as Brazil, India, Mexico, and Indonesia. It seems Samsung's budget-friendly approach is resonating well across the globe!

Counterpoint predicts that the 2024 chart will likely showcase Chinese brands, highlighting their growing influence in the global smartphone market. Additionally, the research company anticipates that only 5G smartphones will make it into the top ten, reflecting the increasing adoption and demand for the technology among consumers.

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