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Apple's Weather app gets a new design and weather maps with iOS 15

Apple's Weather app gets a new design and weather maps with iOS 15
Apple’s WWDC 2021 is introducing a bunch of new features with iOS 15. One of those is a full redesign of the Apple Weather app that gives it a fresh new look and more options than ever.

Apple recently acquired popular weather app Dark Sky, and it looks like it took many of its features and included them in the upcoming Weather app. Make sure to check out all of the new iOS 15 features.


The refreshed iOS 15 Weather app will introduce new weather animations. Basically, even now if it rains outside the app will show you an animated rainfall. The new weather animations will have a fresher, less cartoonish look. If there is pollution in your area, it will also be shown as smog that is part of the other animations. There will be thousands of animation combinations in the app.

The new Weather UI has a new layout as well. New widget-style tiles for your hourly forecast, 10 day forecast, air quality, wind etc. will make looking at the information that changes in real-time more intuitive and easy. Graphics on the app now include UV index, wind and barometric pressure.

New features

Air Quality

For a long time, the iOS Weather app didn’t show what the air quality in your location is. The feature is supported in a couple of countries, and now, with iOS 15, Apple is redesigning its look. The Air Quality feature will appear as a widget-style tile, showing the air quality index and also if the air quality is better or worse than the previous day. The colored graph of how bad the air your breathing is will stay and sit between the air quality stats and the See More button.

An Air Quality map will also be present in a tile below the hourly forecast when needed. This map, as its name suggests, will show you a map of what the air quality is in different areas.

According to the Cupertino company, soon Air Quality will be supported in more countries around the world.

Weather maps

Apple is finally bringing native weather maps to its app. The new feature will replace The Weather Channel’s button, which is located on the bottom-left corner of the iOS Weather app.

Three types of maps were shown in Apple’s WWDC presentation. One of them is a temperature map, showing the real-time temperatures of different areas. A precipitation map with a forecast is present as well, showing you where and how much it rains, will rain or has rained. The third weather map is the Air Quality map, which we’ve already talked about.

All of the weather maps will be based on Apple Maps and have different map settings that you can set up to your desire.

Weather tiles

Not only will the information tiles get a modernized look, but they will also increase or decrease in count, depending on the current weather conditions.

Weather warnings will get smarter and display more information than before. Now, they will not only include warnings, but also a forecast of, for example, when and how much it is going to rain. The company showed us a preview with the tile forecasting that the rain is getting lighter, with a graph of how much rain will fall in the next hour.

It is not clear yet if Apple will continue to use The Weather Channel as its main source of weather data. The company used Yahoo’s weather services before switching to The Weather Channel in 2014.
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