Apple sued by two women over AirTag stalking

Apple sued by two women over AirTag stalking
We've all heard rumors of AirTags being used for malicious purposes. Since the introduction of Apple's tracker in 2021, many horror stories have come to light, showing the dark potential behind the gadget. From car thieves hiding AirTags in vehicles to stalkers planting the tracker on victims to get their home address, the cases go on and on.

Apple has tried to address the issue multiple times, but there are things like silenced AirTags on the black market, and things are just not getting better. The proof? The latest lawsuit was filed by two women who had been stalked by their ex-partners with the help of AirTag.

The lawsuit, which was filed on Monday, says that the existing measures, which include informing iPhone users if an unknown AirTag is discovered to be following them, are "woefully inadequate" and "do little, if anything, to swiftly warn consumers if they are being monitored."

The first woman who filed the lawsuit was stalked by her ex-boyfriend, who planted an AirTag in the wheel well of her car and was able to find out where she had moved to avoid his harassment.

According to the other woman in the case, her husband placed an AirTag in her child's backpack to track her. The two ladies are seeking unspecified monetary damages and accusing Apple of releasing a dangerous product.

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