Apple announces new Shot on iPhone challenge for iPhone 13 Pro

Apple announces new Shot on iPhone challenge for iPhone 13 Pro
Apple is always quite proud to showcase the cameras of its latest iPhones — so much so that it will put the newest model in the hands of photographers and send them off to blog their hearts away. Or, it will host a community "Shot on iPhone" contest, where the best photos get picked and showcased on Apple's official channels.

Well, it is that time again! Apple has just announced a new "Shot on iPhone" contest. This one focuses solely on macro photos, which means you will need to use the new iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. These are currently the only iPhone models that utilize the ultra-wide camera for macro shots.

In typical Apple fashion — it's the phone that does most of the heavy lifting. When you switch to the ultra-wide lens and go super-close to your subject, the iPhone detects that you are attempting a macro shot, does the needed adjustments, and focuses in.

What do you win?

Mostly a "Good job, mate!". Apple has assembled a jury of 10 expert photographers, including Peter McKinnon of YouTube fame, award-winning photographer Anand Varma, co-founder of The House of Pixels Apeksha Maker, and other big names. There will be a total of 10 winners and their photos will be posted across all of Apple's socials — the press room,, Instagram, "and other official Apple accounts".

How to enter "Shot on iPhone" contest?

You can post your masterpiece on Twitter or Instagram with the tag #ShotoniPhone and #iPhonemacrochallenge — that will get you entered in the challenge. Alternatively, you can email your entry to [email protected] — be sure to format the file name as "firstname_lastname_macro_iPhonemodel".

Read Apple announcement here

The editing of photos is allowed, which we found a bit disappointing. Apple explicitly states — you can either use the Apple software editors in iOS Photos or a 3rd party editor software. We kind of would've preferred a raw camera power contest, but hey — let the creativity blossom!

Any tips to win?

Best we can tell you is — make sure you have a quality photo. A few years ago, a person named Timothy Cook tried to enter a "Shot on iPhone" challenge and the result was a barrage of Twitter posts poking fun at his art. That was not cool, Internet...

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