Apple adds a new tool that speeds up and narrows down your App Store searches

Apple adds a new tool that speeds up and narrows down your App Store searches
A tweet disseminated from the official App Store Twitter account states that Apple has launched search suggestions in its iOS app storefront. Apple says that with this new feature, "Select (or deselect) multiple suggestions to refine your search so you can find even more amazing apps and games." The feature rolled out on Thursday in the U.S., Canada, the U.K, and Australia.

First, a user types in a search term and Apple tries to narrow the focus of your search by adding suggestions under the search bar. For example, being a news junkie, yours truly typed in the search term "News" and after tapping on search, terms like science, sports, games, technology, and more appeared. Tapping on one of those options can refine the terms even more. For example, type in News > Sports and the word Fantasy will be added. Tap on Fantasy and you'll see a list of apps dealing with Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football or whatever Fantasy sport you're into.

Not all searches will lead to multiple suggestions but what you will see all of the time are ads right underneath the search suggestions. These ads are related to the original search term. For example, when we searched for News, an ad for the Opera News app popped up.

App Store search suggestion could end up being a time saving app discovery tool, or others just might see it as another opportunity for Apple to sell advertisements. Every one will have their own opinion based on their personal experience with the tool. Still, it does speed things up when you know exactly what kind of apps you're looking for by suggestion the places you want to search for apps.

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