Samsung and Apple will have to add an extra year of warranty to smartphones sold in Spain

Samsung and Apple will have to add an extra year of warranty to smartphones sold in Spain
Apple will now be required to extend warranty on its products in Spain. That's because the country's Council of Ministers has approved new regulation which is expected to become law soon, reports iPadizate.

When the new rules come into effect, the warranty on iPhones, iPads, and other devices will be extended from two years to three years. The government has also taken some other steps for bolstering consumer rights, including requiring manufacturers to keep spare parts for products for a minimum of 10 years, up from 5 years, and giving consumers the right to decide if they want a repair or replacement in case of durability issues. 

The new regulations also address digital content, including free services which collect the personal data of users, such as social networks, email clients, and file hosting platforms.

This is not the first time Apple will have to bend to local rules. For instance, even though the Cupertino giant no longer includes chargers and EarPods with new iPhones, the law in France requires it to ship wired earphones with its smartphones. The company was also recently penalized in Brazil for not shipping chargers with the iPhone 12

It goes without saying that the new rules introduced in Spain are not just meant for Apple and will also apply to other smartphone sellers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Google. 


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