Instead of offline view, Apple Maps copies Google Maps' user rating for places in iOS 14

Instead of offline view, Apple Maps to mimic Google Maps' user rating for places in iOS 14
After the whole Apple Maps detail fiasco, the gang from Cupertino set out to replace the TomTom database it was using with homebrew mapping acquired by good ol' driving around, combined with satellite images. A bunch of years later, the effort has already born fruit in the form of the updated Apple Maps app with details that even Google Maps doesn't have at places.

Unfortunately, those places are limited, like California and the Bay Area in particular, for example, and Google is still way ahead in honing its cartography algorithms and land area coverage in the US and abroad. 

Apple, for instance, still mostly relies on third-party ratings from Yelp or Foursquare, while Google's database of places is times larger than Yelp's, and that shows even on the new Apple Maps. Still, Apple seems determined to catch up to the competition with new Maps features coming in iOS 14.

No offline Apple Maps, but places and business reviews come with iOS 14

Apparently, the Apple Maps app that is coming with the new iOS 14 update in the fall, include two features that will make businesses go "hmm." Heretofore an exclusive Google Maps ground, user-submitted reviews are coming to places on Apple Maps, along with the ability to upload photos.

Needless to say, this will unleash the floodgates of user feedback, complete with upvote/downvote buttons, and the reliance on Yelp and other third-party review systems will start fading for Apple Maps. 

Businesses will need to get with the times, too, as now they won't only have to be careful about their submissions and user review management on Google Maps but on Apple Maps as well. 

Given that almost half of the US public is rocking iPhones, that belated Apple Maps move will become increasingly important for local businesses to manage with time, too.

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