Apple has a 'Beautygate' fix in the works for your iPhone XS, rolling out soon in iOS 12.1

Apple has a 'Beautygate' fix in the works for your iPhone XS, rolling out soon in iOS 12.1
When Apple unveiled the iPhone XS and XS Max, future buyers of the company’s priciest mobile devices to date were promised significant camera performance upgrades and neat new photography tricks like Smart HDR and dynamic depth of field.

The single front-facing shooter, while nowhere near as aggressively promoted as the dual rear cam system, was also supposed to gain a number of big improvements, including that aforementioned Depth Control feature for adjusting the blur of your Portrait mode selfies.

But iPhone XS and XS Max owners never signed up for what many described as Snapchat-style filters. That doesn’t sound like an inherently bad thing, only selfies taken by Apple’s two new ultra-high-end handsets were automatically “beautified.”

Worse yet, there was no way to turn off the “feature”, which basically applied a mysterious skin smoothing technique to every single photo shot with the 7MP front camera of the XS and XS Max. While that made selfies prettier and crisper in many situations, others were far too aggressively “optimized.”

Fortunately, Apple seems to have heard your “Beautygate” complaints loud and clear, preparing a bug fix that will roll out with the fast-approaching iOS 12.1 software update. Apparently, this was never intended as a feature after all, with the Smart HDR system often acting out when trying to process selfies. 

Those “smoother”-looking shots were actually caused by loss of detail when the iPhone XS front-facing snapper was choosing the “wrong base frame for HDR processing.” Technical explanations aside, this sounds like yet another reason to be excited about iOS 12.1, along with Group FaceTime capabilities, eSIM functionality for dual SIM activation, and various other key bug fixes.

source: The Verge

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