Apple's iPhone 7 slips below $200 mark in refurbished condition with 90-day warranty

Apple's iPhone 7 slips below $200 mark in refurbished condition with 90-day warranty
If you're feeling nostalgic about the era of compact iPhones with tactile biometric recognition technology, Apple can still hook you up with a 2016-released 4.7-inch model at the low, low price of $449 brand-new. That's... obviously not ideal, and the same goes for a certified refurbished iPhone 7 that starts at an arguably excessive $379.

But if you don't have a problem settling for a (significantly) shorter warranty period and a device in a slightly poorer condition, with a "moderate level of wear & tear including (but not limited to) scratches, dents, and dings", Woot has both 32 and 128GB configurations on sale today (and today only) at phenomenally low prices. 

This time, we actually mean that, as a 32 gig iPhone 7 fetches as little as $189.99, while a measly 30 extra bucks can get you four times as much internal storage space. Both variants can be purchased in a wide range of paint jobs, from "normal" black to jet black, silver, gold, and rose gold, and they're both GSM unlocked, which means you can activate them at will on your carrier of choice, as long as we're not talking about Verizon or Sprint.

Keep in mind that the physical appearance of these heavily marked-down handsets does not reflect their functionality in any way, and the "fully working" iPhone 7 units currently on sale at Woot come with a limited 90-day warranty from Amazon's subsidiary as well.

Praised for its sharp display, excellent overall performance, stereo sound, and top-notch camera back in the day, the iPhone 7 is obviously no powerhouse by today's standards, but at around 200 bucks, it absolutely doesn't have to be. The compact footprint, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, respectable Apple A10 processor, and iOS 13 support are arguably enough to justify the reduced price tags.

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