First iPhone 14 Pro Max teardown shows the Dynamic Island setup and battery capacity

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Apple reworked the internals of the iPhone 14 Pro Max to fit a new and larger camera sensor, as well as a different battery and the new 4nm A16 chipset with a compact 5G modem tacked on.

That's not to mention the most intriguing new part of the best iPhone so far, its punch-hole OLED display, or, should we say, punch-pill, as there is also an elliptical section that houses the Face ID component next to the round one for the new and improved selfie camera. 

How the iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island is born

There, however, the display layer above the flood illuminator or dot projector needed for Face ID to work may be pierced or punched, but the cover layers on top seemingly still stay in somber darker color, letting the infrared light go back and forth to map your face in a jiffy.

This semi-transparent solution may have allowed Apple to come up with its ingenious Dynamic Island interface element that expands and contracts around the elliptical opening to show notifications, music controls, and the like, turning the defect into effect. 

In any case, the ever vigilant teardown specialist from PBK Reviews has done the first iPhone 14 Pro Max teardown and showed us what's inside. Here are some of the iPhone 14 Pro Max disassembly observations:

  • It's fairly easy to open and take apart the iPhone 14 Pro Max with the necessary tools, only the battery adhesive gets in the way.
  • The satellite connectivity chip and 5G mmWave antenna modules are rather big and taking a lot of space on the dual-layer motherboard.
  • The iPhone 14 Pro Max L-shaped battery's capacity is exactly 4323 mAh, smaller than the 4352 mAh unit in the iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  • The Face ID components and the 12MP selfie camera with OIS are sitting on one module.

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As far as repairability goes, PBK gives the iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.5/10 on account of the tools needed to pry open the water-resistant handset's display panel, or to remove the adhesive bands glueing the battery to the assembly. 

Swapping the battery itself, however, or changing the screen panel afterwards, are fairly straightforward, as are most of the other modular components, as Apple is, as usual, keeping things tidy and organized on the inside of its devices.

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