128GB iPad Air 2024 storage is same price as Apple ditches 64GB option

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Upgraded iPad Air 2024 storage is same price as Apple ditches 64GB option
Apple is finally ditching the base 64GB storage option for its most popular tablet line with the introduction of the iPad Air (2024) models. It was getting quite long in the tooth, and people hated that they have to contend with storage under the existential tablet minimum if they wanted to get the cheapest iPad Air.

The team from Cupertino just remedied its omission and announced that it is doing away with the shameful 64GB storage option. Not only that, but it also introduced a new high-end iPad Air tier to go with both the new 13-inch screen size and the regular 11-inch iPad Air.

11-inch iPad Air M2: order at Amazon at 5% off

The new iPad Air M2 with an 11-inch screen is already available for purchase at Amazon.com for $30 cheaper price. The newly released tablet boasts a powerful M2 processor, giving you incredible performance.

Get 13-inch iPad Air M2 at Amazon

For the first time, Apple also releases a 13-inch iPad Air M2 model. This one gives you more screen real estate to play with. The tablet can be yours straight from Amazon, with no discounts.

Apple did that without ever having to raise the 2024 iPad Air price, and it now starts from the same $599 as its predecessor with the paltry 64 gigs of storage.

Apple iPad Air prices and storage options

While bumping the base storage tier to the still barely sufficient 128GB, considering that we know have a 13-inch iPad Air that would be more conducive for media consumption, Apple also pegged the 13-incher at the whopping $200 price difference with the 11-incher.

The new 1TB iPad Air (2024) comes at a pretty steep price already, and, if you want to get the fresh 13-inch screen size, the combo will set you back $1299, or nearly the price of two Walmart MacBook Airs with M1 processor that the retail now exclusively carries.

Apple, for that matter, isn't nickel-and-diming the 2024 iPad Air buyers with exclusive features for the 1TB storage tier, like it does with the iPad Pro (2024) models. Those only come with the new anti-reflective nano-texture cover glass in the 1TB and 2TB storage tiers, for the respective eye-watering prices, while the 128GB and 1TB iPad Airs carry the same specs.

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