You can grab Apple's do-it-all iPad Air with M1 magic for its lowest price ever

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You can grab Apple's do-it-all iPad Mini with M1 magic for its lowest price ever
Apple's iPads are in a league of their own when it comes to top tablets, especially the models with desktop-grade M-series chips. While the M chip-powered mini LED Pro is quite pricey at $1,099 and up and overkill for most people, the latest iPad Air is the best value for those who want a reasonably priced tablet with tons of power, and currently, it's on sale.

The iPad Air has a 10.9 inches bright LCD screen which is light and easy to carry around. The device is powered by the M1 chip, which also fuels Apple's 2021 computers and laptops, and has more power than most people will ever need.

This allows for smooth, lag-free performance, so the fifth-gen iPad Air isn't just great for tablety tasks like browsing the web and media consumption, it also has enough power for the most demanding of games, and is also speedier and more efficient than the average laptop.

And now that Apple has overhauled the iPad operating system, the iPad Air can very conveniently be used for productivity tasks and if your workflows are straightforward and not too complicated, you can easily use this as your primary work machine.

iPad Air 2022

A modern design, desktop-grade M1 chip, bright 10.9 inches screen, long software support, and all-day battery life make the iPad Air a no-brainer for those who want a reasonably priced premium tablet.
$499 99
$599 99
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The slate can also also be paired with a stylus and keyboard, which would make it even more capable and allow you to get more done, especially if you happen to be a graphic designer. 

The 64GB iPad Air that costs $599.99 is currently on sale at Best Buy for $499.99, so you'll get to save $100. This is its biggest discount to date and quite a generous one given it came out in March 2022.

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No other tablet in this price range can match the performance of the iPad Air. It will also be supported by Apple for at least five years and the company also offers an expansive library of tablet-optimized apps. The same is not true for Android tablets.

The device has a 12MP main camera which is great for scanning documents and taking quick shots and the front camera is 12MP and also has the Center Stage feature. Other notable features include all-day battery life and a power button integrated Touch ID sensor.

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