iOS 15.2 beta 2 brings manual scan for unwanted AirTags to protect you from being tracked

iOS 15.2 beta 2 brings manual scan for unwanted AirTags to prevent you from being tracked
Apple recently released the second beta version of iOS 15.2, which came with protection for children against nudity and Legacy for your iCloud account. Another useful feature the beta version for iOS brings is the ability to manually scan for AirTags that don't belong to you and may be used to track you, reports TheVerge.

iOS 15.2 beta 2 lets you manually scan for sketchy AirTags around you

The new feature is a part of the second beta version of iOS 15.2, so it's not yet officially available as a stable release, and it lets you manually scan your surroundings for AirTags or other Find My devices that might be used to track you. The feature is found in a new "Items That Can Track me" option in the Find My app's Items menu.

Once you start a scan, the app will report if there are any devices in your surroundings that are not owned by you, and which have Apple's tracking tech enabled. Usefully, the app also gives you instructions on how to disable such a device if it is detected in your surroundings. Additionally, the app also gives you the "Help Return Lost Items" option, in case the item has ended up in your accidentally. This feature replaces the previous "Identify Found Item".

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AirTags are Apple's answer to the popular item tracker Tile. They are designed to help you keep track of your keys, bags, or bike, or anything that you think you might lose. It can help you determine where your belongings are in case they are lost or stolen.

Of course, there were some concerns raised by this type of tracking technology. Critics stated that the AirTags are also pretty good at tracking people and have identified some issues in the safety features Apple introduced back when it launched the trackers.

Then, in June, Apple went ahead and announced a series of initial measures to address these concerns. Initially, you needed to wait until an AirTag had spent three whole days away from its owner before it started emitting a warning sound. However, with the change mentioned above, this period was shortened to 24 hours.

Additionally, Apple also announced it is building an app for Android users which will alert them if unwanted trackers are detected in their surroundings. The app would be launching later this year.

iOS 15.2 beta version 2 brings a couple of other useful improvements

Recently, we reported on the fact that the second beta of iOS 15.2 now brings a Legacy Contact feature for your iCloud account, personal information, and data in the event of your death. This program allows you to designate people as Legacy Contacts and they can access your account and personal information if you after your death. The info they will have access to includes photos, messages, notes, files, contacts, calendar events, apps you've downloaded, device backups, and other stuff.

The second feature iOS 15.2 beta 2 brings is Communication Safety for the iMessage. It is a feature designed to protect children from nude photos sent to them. A warning will appear if children receive or send photos including nudity, and the picture will be blurred. However, the child will still have the option to view the picture.

Similar protections are put in place if a child is sending nude photos. However, this feature is not available on the iPhone by default. A parent or guardian must opt-in a child to this feature via Family Sharing.

The update also has some improvements for the "Hide My Email" option that generates random email addresses to log in to apps and websites. You will be able to tap the "From" field now and use "Hide My Email" within the Mail App. This will create a random address that hides your real email but still forwards it to your inbox.

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