Apple drops iOS 14.6 developer beta 3 with new option for AirTag Lost Mode

Apple drops iOS 14.6 developer beta 3 with new option for AirTag Lost Mode
Apple just released iOS 14.5 on April 26th which added a few eagerly awaited features to the mobile platform. For example, if a face mask wearing iPhone user wants to unlock his handset without resorting to tapping in his Passcode, he can now install the update, enable some settings, and simply wear his unlocked Apple Watch to automatically open his iPhone. If you're one of those people who don't understand why this new feature is such a big deal, you've never had to type in your Passcode while walking a dog and using a cane all at the same time.

Other features that came with the iOS 14.5 update include new emoji, and tweaked speaking voices for Siri. The app also launched the App Tracking Transparency feature allowing users to opt-in if they want to continue being tracked by third-party apps for the purposes of receiving online ads. With Lost Mode enabled, those with an iPhone or an NFC-enabled Android handset can touch their phone with the AirTag connected to the missing item and receive contact information for returning the item.

Today, 9to5Mac reports that the third developer beta version of iOS 14.6 dropped and it now allows users to choose between their email address or phone number in order to place an item in Lost Mode (a phone number and an email address cannot both be used at the same time). AirTag users will have to decide which one to use to enable Lost Mode. Still, for those who would prefer not to share their phone number to have a missing item returned, this is an easy decision.

As Apple says, "Enter an email address in case someone finds your item and wants to contact you. Once you enable Lost Mode, this email address will be visible to the person who finds your item. This allows others to contact you whenever your lost items are found." If you choose your phone number to enable Lost Mode, others will see your phone number to help call you about your missing item.

Remember that iOS 14.6 is only being offered to those who are members of the developer beta program. To sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program, click on this link and follow the directions. We should point out that iPadOS developer beta 3 is also available.

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