Are AppleCare+ and Samsung Care+ really the best insurance options for your iPhone 13 or Galaxy S22?

Are AppleCare+ and Samsung Care+ really the best insurance options for your iPhone 13 or Galaxy S22?
The year is 2022 and, one way or another, we have gotten used to the notion of $1000 — and more — flagship phones existing. Of course, the two grandest names in the smartphone game, Apple and Samsung, are prime examples of manufacturers with super-expensive phones in their lineups.

But this is not an article about the new heights mobile phone prices have reached. No, this article is about phone insurance — an admittedly dry and boring topic, but one that increasingly makes more and more sense, specifically because of the hefty cost of new high-end phones from premium brands.

As some of you might already be aware, both Apple and Samsung have their very own insurance dubbed AppleCare+ and SamsungCare+ respectively. Well, you might also know Samsung’s version under the name Samsung Premium Care, but that was dropped back in 2020, likely in an effort to be more recognizable.

The question we are asking here is whether Apple and Samsung’s own insurance is the best option for protecting your precious iPhone and Galaxy, or are there more beneficial options?

If you managed to get through this intro without closing the tab, then you are likely (and bizarrely) invested in finding out if these Care+ packages are as good as they sound. So, let’s dive in together and figure out a definitive answer!

What is phone insurance?

First and foremost, what exactly is phone insurance anyway, and how is it different from the warranty you get when purchasing a new phone? These might be simple questions to some, but they can also be somewhat confusing.

All phones come with some kind of warranty that protects the customer from faulty parts, defects, and other kinds of damage done during the manufacturing process. To get additional protection in case of other damage such as drops, scratches, water damage, etc. (damage done after you have bought the phone) you need insurance.

Now, even if you have phone insurance that does not mean that you get free repairs and replacements. More often than not, you get a significant discount instead.

It is worth noting that you usually need to pay extra if you also want your phone to be insured in case of being lost or stolen. That service is usually offered as an add-on to the insurance plan.

AppleCare+ and Samsung Care+

Both AppleCare+ and Samsung Care+ are the next step for making sure your phone is protected against any mishaps. They cover mechanical and electrical breakdowns beyond the usual 12-month warranty but also come in effect in case of accidental damage from drops and liquid spills.

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Of course, by choosing either company’s own insurance service, you also get experts that know iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones inside and out and are specifically trained to work on them.

Additionally, both AppleCare+ and Samsung Care+ come with the option of adding insurance in case of any theft or loss of your phone. But enough with the overview, let’s get into some details about how these two companies handle their insurance policies.

What to expect from your AppleCare+

AppleCare+ offers you several perks over the standard warranty that comes with your iPhone.

Firstly, said warranty gets extended from 1 to 2 years — you can extend it even more if you pay per month after the second year.

On top of that, you get covered for two instances of accidental damage every 12 months, although you would still have to pay service fees. Depending on the type of damage caused to your phone, Apple has a fixed deductible that you have to pay. Of course, you get a significant discount for the repair.

Here are the AppleCare+ service fees and deductibles for each type of accident:

  • Screen or back glass damage — $29
  • Other accidental damage — $99
  • Theft or loss (AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss Protection) — $149

If you want to get an idea of how much pricier things could be, just keep in mind that a screen replacement can lighten your pocket with up to $329.

Other pluses (pun intended) include priority access to Apple support via chat or phone, as well as express replacements, which is when Apple gives you a temporary phone to use while yours is getting fixed.

If you have paid extra for AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss Protection, you also get covered for two instances of theft or loss, on the condition that Find My is enabled on the iPhone that you have lost/was stolen.

Here are some additional AppleCare+ perks that may interest you:

  • Same-day service in most major metropolitan areas worldwide
  • Onsite service: Schedule a technician to perform a screen repair at your home or office
  • Mail-in repair: Mail in your iPhone using a prepaid shipping box provided by Apple
  • Carry-in repair: Take your iPhone to an Apple Store or other Apple Authorized Service Provider

And here is how much AppleCare+ costs for all iPhone models:

AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss:


What to expect from your Samsung Care+

Samsung Care+ offers you extra insurance in case of accidental damage from handling (ADH), or in other words harm
that was caused by the owner, as well as damage done from incidents like power surges.

One of the areas where Samsung Care+ trumps AppleCare+ is that it covers up to three repairs from accidental damage
per year instead of two. Just like Apple, though, Samsung doesn’t put a limit for repairs related to any mechanical
breakdowns, nor does it charge for them.

The price for your insurance, and the deductibles it comes with, depending on which tier your phone falls in. There are
a total of four tiers:

And these are the prices that relate to the above-mentioned tiers:

Samsung Care+ with Theft & Loss:

Samsung Care+:

Other perks of Samsung Care+ come in the form of 24/7 expert support via the phone or online, replacements as soon as
the next day, and same-day screen repairs.

Other phone insurance providers


Probably the most popular option out there when it comes to other phone insurance comes from Asurion, well, at least
when compared to AppleCare+.

The reason we don’t even compare Asurion to Samsung Care+ is that it is administered by it. This means that your phone
goes through Asurion while it is covered by Samsung Care+, where damages are determined to see what type of repair it

If you own an iPhone, you can choose Asurion for your insurance, but you can only do that via your mobile carrier. The
carriers that work with Asurion are AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint and each one comes with a different price for said

With that said, Asurion doesn’t seem like the better option when compared to AppleCare+, as it ties you to a particular
carrier, which means that if you want to switch you would have to either wait until your contract is over or pay a fee for
leaving early. Not to mention that Asurion costs more compared to Apple’s option and doesn’t give you much more in


AKKO is a great alternative for both AppleCare+ and Samsung Care+, as it offers many of the same benefits, including
theft protection and same-day repairs. One of its best perks, however, are the low deductible rates which range from
$29-$75 for accidental phone damage and $75-$99 for phone replacement in cases of theft or loss.

Another big advantage of AKKO is that there is no limit to the number of claims you can make each year. That alone
could be what makes some people decide to not go for Apple or Samsung’s insurance.

Depending on the phone you have, AKKO’s plan will cost you from $6 to $12 monthly, or if you pay for the whole year
in one go — $5 to $11.


SquareTrade’s phone insurance is popular for being the most all-encompassing among all the other options in the US.
Of course, it covers the most common phone damage like mechanical failures, screen damage and malfunctions, liquid
damage, and more.

Similar to the other options on this list, SquareTrade offers same-day repairs no matter where you are. You can also send
it to a repair shop, although that usually takes more time before you get to use the phone again.

What makes SquareTrade most alluring, however, is its affordability. The premium plans start at just $8.99 with the
option to pay $19.99 for multiple device coverage. Deductibles come at $25 to $149.

Conclusion: it depends

AppleCare+ and SamsungCare+ are easy, default choices that will offer you all you might need to cover any potential
incidents with your phone. You also get the peace of mind that it is specifically the manufacturer itself who is repairing
your phone when the need arises.

However, you can generally get a similar experience, with some additional benefits thrown into the mix like no repair
limits or multiple device coverage, from other insurance companies. On top of that, some options offer better pricing and

If you want to make it as easy as possible for yourself then you won’t go wrong by choosing Apple or Samsung's coverage.
However, you don’t have to necessarily go for them if you happen to see something that specifically fits your needs from
any of the other insurance companies.

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