Disposable, shmisposable, the AirPods' Christmas sales hit peak iPod

Disposable, shmisposable, the AirPods' Christmas sales hit peak iPod
Recently, a Piper Jaffrey survey pegged the most favorite outlay of gratitude this holiday season to be... Apple's AirPods. Along with Nike, Apple's brand is a pretty predictable winner in the teen demographic, but last year the meme "Airpods for Christmas" was trending, too.

Тhis one won't be an exception, it seems, especially with the launch of the AirPods Pro model. Apple can sleep tight knowing that its wearables and the basic iPhone 11 are among the most desired items for this season's stocking stuffers, as renowned analyst Horace Dediu of Asymco fame ran the numbers, and found out that it may have cracked the $4 billion revenue from AirPods alone over the holiday quarter.

There were reports not long ago that Apple has doubled the AirPods orders to its suppliers - from 2 million to 4 million units - so it's entirely plausible that it may have made more from AirPods than from the "peak iPod" last quarter of 2007. 

That statistic alone is pretty staggering, as Apple was known at the time as "the iPod company" and even stopped calling itself Apple Computer as a result of the runaway success of its music player.

To know that a single, almost obligatory to have "hearable" is now hauling in more than what the iPod hauled for Apple at its most popular, is pretty staggering. Long story short, if your teen isn't giving you easy clues what they'd most like as a present, those would be $160-$250 well-spent.



5. j_grouchy

Posts: 190; Member since: Nov 08, 2016

Jesus. My $35 wireless buds have better sound quality and don't look like cut-off Q-tips in my ears. Why are people so intent on spending that much?

8. darkkjedii

Posts: 31756; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Because they can, and they want them. Easy isn’t it?

6. JCASS889 unregistered

People really enjoy sub standard music.

7. Vancetastic

Posts: 1866; Member since: May 17, 2017

If someone gets me Airpods for Christmas, I hope they save the receipt.

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