How to get Android P's awesome Bluetooth volume controls on your phone right now

We recently learned that Android P is getting a long-requested Bluetooth feature this fall – the ability to save individual volume settings for every paired Bluetooth device. Up until now, if you were streaming music to your wireless speaker at full volume and then connected a pair of headphones, you'd get blasted, unless you remembered to lower the volume manually.

This feature is expected to roll out with Android P Developer Preview 2 in the coming months and be ready for prime time this fall, but why wait? Why wait for so many months when you can get that same feature on your Android phone right now?

Check out Bluetooth Volume Control, a neat little app that lets you set different volumes for all of your paired Bluetooth devices. Want to play loud music on your Sonos but don't want to be deafened when you connect your wireless earphones? Perfect, Bluetooth Volume Control has got you covered! Not only that, but you can also set default volumes for both music and calls for each connected device. So, if you're in a middle of a track and your phone rings, you can answer it and the call will be at your preferred volume, independent of how loud or quiet your music was.

The bast part, of course, is that Bluetooth Volume Control is completely free and is compatible with all phones running Android 4.4 Kitkat and up.

Download Bluetooth Volume Control

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