Amazon is already working on a radical new version of its latest product

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Amazon is already working on a radical new version of its latest product
Unveiled more than four months back and put up for pre-order less than a couple of weeks ago ahead of an actual commercial debut on February 25, the third-gen Echo Show 10 is arguably Amazon's most ambitious smart home device yet.

But although this particular jumbo-sized smart display is now set to come out more than two years after its 10.1-inch forerunner, the Seattle-based e-commerce giant is reportedly considering releasing an all-new model by the end of 2021.

By "all-new", we mean everything from the design to the key features and even the main purpose of the device could be radically transformed (for a change) so that the fourth-gen Echo Show can sit on your wall rather than your kitchen table, for instance, and serve as a multitalented "smart home control panel, video chat device, and media player."

In order to pull off a wall-friendly design, Amazon will obviously need to make its next-gen high-end smart display considerably thinner than the latest Echo Show 10 variant, which measures 251 x 230 x 172mm while tipping the scales at more than 2.5 kilograms (90.3 ounces). 

Interestingly, the company is purportedly undecided between sticking to a "traditional" 10-inch screen size and going all the way up to 13 inches. The latter option would naturally allow Amazon to more easily differentiate this wall-mounted model from existing (and possibly, future) Echo Show 10 versions designed to accompany you in your kitchen, living room, or even bedroom.

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At the same time, however, it's not clear if a 13-inch giant would be able to fit into the $200 to $250 price bracket currently set as an internal goal by Amazon's Lab126 hardware division. Then again, there are also many other things still unclear about this product, including its launch timeline. While 2021 is a definite possibility, inside sources claim late 2022 is also on the table, at least at this point in the development process.

What's pretty much etched in stone is that Amazon wants to bill this bad boy as an all-purpose "digital command center" for your home, including everything from Alexa voice assistance (duh) to a camera and built-in microphones for video conferencing, audio and video content playing, and of course, complete control over compatible accessories like smart locks and lights.

Granted, that doesn't sound very different from what the Echo Show 10 and 8 can already do, but it's definitely interesting to hear Amazon is exploring even more form factors for its extremely popular and versatile smart home products.

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