Zune phones coming - via Windows Mobile

Zune phones coming - via Windows Mobile
A few days after Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer said to Reuters: "I do not anticipate us building a phone. Sorry, we are not going build one," he has revealed to CIO Magazine (in a somewhat offhand fashion) that "the Zune software will also be ported to and be more important not justwith the hardware but on the PC, on Windows Mobile devices, etc" (emphasis ours).

This strongly suggests that the much rumoured Zune phone is coming - just that instead of being a single Microsoft-manufactured handset, it will be part of many Windows Mobile devices. We would hope that more concrete announcements would be made soon, but in any event, making the Zune software part of (the delayed) Windows Mobile 7 is probably most appropriate.

If this comes to pass, it will make Windows Mobile more enticing. While the Zune itself has not achieved the mass market penetration Microsoft would have wanted for it, it has nevertheless garnered generally favorable reviews; and the integration of the Zune's software layer into a phone would certainly make for a more attractive multimedia device.

source: CIO Magazine via wmpoweruser.com



1. Pavan Kumar Giduthuri unregistered

Lets all hope to see Windows Mobile 7, what happened to Windows VISTA Mobile, is this on plan? ;-(

8. unregistered

considering how bad windows vista is on computers i dont think the mobile world is ready for that.

2. unregistered

From what Balmer has said - I really didn't nderstand Micro$oft was gpoing to make a phone by itself. He merely commented on the future of their mobile OS structure, incorporating parts from the Zune software. Where's the big deal?

3. Phoneslinger unregistered

Why would Microsoft need a phone when their operating system can be applied across a wide range of handsets? Incorporating a Zune application into WM to use wireless mobile services for buying music (from MS), who couldn't see this one coming?

4. unregistered

let me have great audio quality in windows mobile phone :)

5. unregistered

is about time , hope touch phone with qwerty n not oem phone

6. unregistered

Or more logically, Microsoft is probably making a Zune software for phones.

7. unregistered

Windows Mobile needs a music service desperately. I would really like to see a Windows Mobile Marketplace on our smartphones, because the Zune software is very good imho. My only fear is that we won't see any of this until Windows Mobile 7 so all of us with windows mobile currently are probably out of luck until then.

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