ZAGG's new portable charging station will power your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously

You can have your iPhone and Apple Watch charged simultaneously with Zagg's mobile charging station
No matter how advanced our favorite gadgets are, they become hardly useful once their batteries get depleted. True, portable powerbanks are one way to temporarily avoid this, but fumbling around with cables and proprietary connectors is nobody's favorite pastime. 

Accessory manufacturer ZAGG, which demonstrated a curious waterproofing technology a few years ago, just made it easier for iPhone/Apple Watch users to simultaneously charge their gadgets with its new Mobile Charging Station. 

Announced at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, ZAGG's Mobile Charging Station comes with an embedded 5,000mAh battery unit inside and can be used as a mobile powerbank. The station comes with its own Lightning cable, which can be neatly tucked inside of it to keep things neat and organized.

However, you will have to supply your own Apple Watch charging dock; you need to insert it in a pop-out mechanism and after you do so, you can charge the wearable regardless if the watch band is open or closed. Meanwhile, charging the powerbank of ZAGG's station requires you to throw in a microUSB cable.

ZAGG's Mobile Charging Station will be available later this year and will carry a $79.99 price tag. Anyone interested in this one?

source: Zagg via GottaBeMobile

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