YouTube is widely rolling out a smaller button for skipping ads

YouTube is widely rolling out a smaller button for skipping ads
YouTube has been experimenting with various ad formats over the years, including unskippable ads and multiple consecutive ad segments. While some of these experiments have been met with backlash from users, YouTube has continued to push the boundaries of ad tolerance. In a recent move, the platform began to experiment with a new, smaller button for skipping ads — a change that is now rolling out more widely.

As we reported back in August and as spotted by 9to5Google via Search Engine Land, YouTube began testing a smaller "Skip ads" button for advertisements. The new pill-shaped button was approximately two-thirds the size of the rectangular one it replaced, with the "A" in "Ads" displayed in lower case, further reducing the overall size of the button.

YouTube's old "Skip Ads" button vs smaller "Skip ads" button tested in August | Source - Search Engine Land

However, according to Android Police's reporting, and as confirmed by us, this smaller button has been transformed into one that just says "Skip," removing the word "ads" altogether. The new button's placement remains unchanged from the old one, appearing in the same position as before and retaining its transparency. 

The redesigned "Skip" button is rolling out on multiple devices across different regions, including the web and mobile. While some users may prefer the larger, more prominent rectangular button, the smaller button isn't too bad when you consider the alternative of having a series of unskippable ads or an embedded player that lacks an ad-skipping option altogether.

New YouTube "Skip" button

YouTube's continued experimentation with ad formats highlights the delicate balance between ad revenue and user satisfaction. While the platform relies on ads to support its operations and compensate content creators, it also needs to maintain a user-friendly experience. The smaller Skip Ad button suggests that YouTube is striving to find this balance while also offering an ad-less experience for its Premium users.

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