You can now (sort of) use Android Wear 2.0's complications on a Wear 1.0 device

The original Moto 360 is one of the best devices left behind in the transition to Android Wear 2.0

One of the big disappointments following the Android Wear 2.0 reveal was that only a few device models would be upgraded, while the rest were essentially left behind on an abandoned platform. Well, almost – even if official development is essentially over, enthusiasts have taken up the torch and are actively bringing 2.0's features to the older version.

An example of this is the work of reddit user seapip, who has developed a "hacky implementation" of Wear 2.0's complications, which are essentially non-interactive widgets built right into a watchface. While a few features are currently missing, such as the complication picker dialog, and there's also a number of bugs that need fixing, the feature seems to be working quite well.

Ultimately, the developer aims to make porting complications built for Wear 2.0 a matter of simply replacing two lines of code, which, unfortunately, means developers will have to explicitly choose to support the unofficial feature. Still, even if the implementation will never be an official-grade one, it's still great knowing that there's a community of enthusiasts out there which hasn't yet abandoned the platform.


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