You can now delete messages for everyone in Viber after you've sent them

Viber is a relatively new service: it arrived to the scene at the very end of 2010, but it has quickly caught up pace and is now the most used stand-alone messenger in many countries, trumping giants like Whatsapp and even Facebook Messenger.

One feature that is sorely lacking from those popular messengers, though, is the ability to delete messages so that they no longer appear neither for you, nor for the recepient... even after you've sent those messages. We all know that feeling: you come home on a Friday night after having a bit too much to drink and your fingers adhere to the phone screen like a magnet, orchestrating all sorts of shameful messages that you sometimes want to roll back the moment you send them.

In version 5.6.5 of Viber this is now possible! It does not matter whether the person you have written to has or has not seen the message (earlier, it was possible to delete messages only on your device, but the receiving end would still have a copy of those messages), and it could be an old one as well. Of course, this could also be a solution to the 'revenge porn' situation that even though illegal, seems to plague future relationships.

Other new features in this update include the ability to reply to messages on iOS 9 without having to actually open the app, and an improved way to send attachments directly in Viber.


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