The new Galaxy S9 Hyperknit case, and the LED Flip Wallet, are now available to order


Samsung's official cases for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have surfaced a few times already, but two of the styles that will be available for the phones are now up for ordering, and they include the brand new crocheted Hyperknit wrapper, along with the more orthodox LED Flip Wallet one. 

Besides the Hyperknit, a new model is the Protective Standing Cover, but this is not yet available to purchase. The Hyperknit case has a woven texture that is usually found in outfits made for those weekend warriors who are into sports. In fact, the box points out that the case is lightweight and sporty. 

As you can see from the full list of official cases that will be available for the S9 and S9+ below, the Hyperknit cover comes in flashy red, and a more traditional gray hue, so there is something for everyone:

  • Alcantara Cover EF-XG960A / EF-XG965A – black, blue, mint, red;
  • Clear View Cover EF-ZG960C / EF-ZG965C – blue, gold, purple;
  • LED Flip Wallet EF-NG960P / EF-NG965P – purple;
  • Hyperknit Cover EF-GG960F / EF-GG965F – red, gray;
  • Protective Standing Cover EF-RG960C / EF-RG965C – black, silver;
  • Silicon Cover EF-PG960T / EF-PG965T – blue, gray, pink.

So, how much for these Samsung-crafted covers for your future Galaxy S9 or S9+? Well, the trendy LED Flip Wallet will set you back $69.49, but, hey, it will let you "keep up to date with your notifications through the intuitive LED display," besides protecting your precious from the element. The new Hyperknit wrapper is much less techy, hence the humbler $34.99 price tag. Any takers?

source: MobileFun (1,2)
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