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Xpire makes your Twitter posts self-destruct; app now available for Android

Android users can now mnake theior twees self-destruct with Xpire
In the old days, it used to be that whatever you wrote online, stayed online no matter how foolish or intimate your missive was. No doubt relationships were broken, jobs lost, and in the most extreme situations lives were lost over a misguided posting. But along came Snapchat with its Mission Impossible like self-destructing messages, and for the first time you could call the boss a blithering moron without fear of retribution. Even BlackBerry added a similar feature to BBM.

There are still many social networks where the words you write might as well have been written in permanent ink. One such site is Twitter. And if you think that being limited to 140 characters means that you can't find yourself in hot water, better guess again. But with the Xpire app, now available for Android, users of the platform can share timed tweets that disappear when the timer runs down to zero. Tweets, retweets and favorites all evaporate like magic. Eventually, those sporting an Android device will be able to have their Facebook and Tumblr messages self-destruct as well. Xpire has already been available for iOS, and the version for Apple's mobile OS already supports self destructing messages on Facebook and Tumblr as well as Twitter.

Android users will also be able to delete older tweets. And if some creepy stalker is following you, don't worry; the app will allow you to purge your followers list. Xpire is a free app and is now available in the Google Play Store.

source: Xpire (iOS|Android) via TechCrunch
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