Video shows off advantages to using BBM as your messaging app

Video shows off advantages to using BBM as your messaging app
Imagine this scenario. You're having a bad day and because you're pissed off, you send a nasty text message to your boss. But no sooner have you sent your message on its way, then you find out that your boss has given you a raise. Uh oh! What can you do? If you were using an average, ordinary messaging app, your best bet is to look for a new job.

But if you and your boss are both using BBM, you can retract the message you sent, hopefully before the boss reads it. Another way to control your messages using BBM is with The Timer. This allows you to select a time period that your message can be viewed by the recipient, before it disappears forever.

With BBM available for BlackBerry, Android, iOS and Windows Phone users, features like retractable messages and timed messages can make life easier for many. Even those who are not a BlackBerry user can take advantage of the goodies that are being added to BlackBerry's messaging app.

BlackBerry has just produced a brief clip for BBM that shows off the first feature we mentioned, the ability to take back a message that you wish that you had never written. Check it out for yourself by clicking on the video below!

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source: BlackBerry

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