Xperia XZ3 is Sony's first with high-end OLED display, would you buy it?

Sony, welcome! To the expensive OLED flagships fan club, that is, as the new Xperia XZ3 will go for the whopping $900 when it lands on Amazon and Best Buy in the US in 6 weeks or so. Thus, it sits only a Benjamin below the Note 9 and iPhone X, and about the tag of phones like the Galaxy S9+ or LG V35. Granted, it comes with the Xperia Ear Duo free of charge, but the others are also throwing freebies with their launches and can boast carrier representation, too.

That above is a tough competition to take on, but honey badger sony don't care, as it's positive it has managed to separate the Xperia XZ3 from the crowd. How? Well, with the first mobile OLED display on a flagship phone it has ever used, calibrated with all the wonders of its Bravia TV engine. Thus, we can expect breathtaking HDR visuals from the panel, and, since it's the largest one Sony has put in a high-end Xperia, you will have the real estate to enjoy said media. 

Given that it is an OLED panel, the XZ3 also supplied an always-on display feature of sorts, that shows pertinent info and notification when the screen is locked. The rest of the specs are high-end, too, and Sony has put some thoughtful media touches as an extra, such as enhanced stereo speakers, a new force-feedback experience with Sony's Dynamic Vibration System, and a fresh camera interface that take out the guesswork when making a shot. Thus, we wanted to ask you if you are feeling enticed by the new XZ3, and if you would consider splurging a Benjamin short of a grand for it at launch.

Xperia XZ3 is Sony's first with high-end OLED display, would you buy it?

I'll wait for the reviews

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