Xperia XZ Premium Q&A: Ask us anything about Sony's most advanced phone yet!


Sony's latest premium flagship handset, the Xperia XZ Premium, should be launched on a trove of major markets around the world in the coming days and weeks. With a proper 4K display, a Snapdragon 835 chipset, and an intriguing camera package, the device is most definitely going to garner some attention, and with good reason — we had the pleasure of reviewing that one a few weeks ago and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise, a worthy flagship befitting Sony's stature.

As the device's global release nears, we thought it would be a good idea to help potential adopters make up their mind and clear out any misunderstandings they might have regarding the phone. Admittedly, we tried to cover all aspects of the phone in our comprehensive review, but there's always the chance that we've missed something that might be of great interest to you.

So, make sure to check out our review first and then feel free to ask us anything pertaining to the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, we'll try our best to answer as many of these in a follow-up post in a couple of days or so!

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