XOHM is live

XOHM is live
3G?  Ha, that's so yesterday!  The service has been in trials for months now, but Today marks the official commercial launch of 4G as Sprint has gone live with it's XOHM WiMax service in Baltimore, MD, right on time (ok, a little late.)  XOHM marks a radical shift in the business model of wireless; it is a truely open market that comes without contracts or walls.  Plans will be offered by the month for both home ($25) and on-the-go ($30) service, with day passes ($10) also available.  These these prices cover multiple devices, though if this is the case we are a bit confused about the "$50 'Pick 2 for Life' monthly service option covering two different WiMAX devices."  There is no restrictions on what products can use XOHM service, and we fully expect to see it appear in both traditional applications like a laptop modem as well as consumer electronics such as cameras and mp3 players.  No contracts means no subsidies, and consumers can purchase their equipment wherever, whenever.

Two devices are available today, both modems; an aircard by Samsung is going for $59.99 and the other is a ZyXEL modem selling for $20 more.  The Nokia N810 is expected later this year, along with more modems and laptops with the techonology embedded.  The press release mentions a dual mode 3G-4G device that will work on the Sprint network slated for later this year, which most likely menas we will see XOHM capable handsets soon.  Check out xohm.com for the full details.

source: Sprint



1. unregistered

so since sprint is basically roaming off verizon all the time, does that mean VZW can roam off of this?

4. unregistered

NOO!!!! This is a competely and totally different technology than what Verizon currently offers but is similar to there expected 4g network (LTE). To make it simple for you, Verizon may be able to offer devices that roam off of WiMax in 2-4 years, which is when they expect to start rolling out a 4g network. Add also, this is not Sprint Service, Sprint owns 51% of the company that sells the service. NO ROAMING!!!

2. unregistered

how fast is 4G?

3. unregistered

i belive there 4g is 2mb-4mb which is faster then my 1.5 mb internet that i pay 30 a month for

5. unregistered

There is still debate as to whether WiMax is truly 4g. Alot of people and experts say its more like 3.5g. From what I understand its got no chance of speeds like LTE has which is why every other mobile phone company in the country has gone with LTE.

12. unregistered

The only reason there's debate is because the other carriers don't have it. And because the line dividing the various media outlets becomes blurred. ATT and Verizon offer internet...now TV and VoIP...Comcast and others now offer VoIP and internet in addition to TV. The line between phone and cable becomes blurred as they intrude on each other's territory. Bashing new technology is rather propagandistic. I love it all. Bring it on.

6. unregistered

LTE is promising to deliver download speeds of up to 326.4 Mbits/s and upload speeds of up to 86.4 Mbits/s vs. WiMax downloads of up to 70 Mbits/s and uploads of up to 70 Mbits/s (keep in mind, you'll only get the highest speed if you're the shortest distance from the broadcatsing tower and if you have a "clear line of sight" as well. LTE is voice/data while WiMax is data only (you could implement VoIP though).

7. unregistered

keep in mind that the big tech companies have sided with wimax, and not lte... that kind of support doesn't come blindly... obviously, they see something in wimax over lte...

8. unregistered

LTE is going to be a world wide network. Sprint is going to be the only one in the world as far as i know to offer wimax. with LTE people will be able to roam around the entire world! those tech companies might just be using wimax in their offices but as far as the mobile industry in concerned LTE is the clear winner!

9. unregistered

wimax is out internationally as we speak, so you might want to do your homework fanboy... im not saying wimax is better... just check your stats before you start making asinine statements...

10. Jole655 unregistered

Well I'm glad to see sprint finally launch their wimax network and hope this new service will give sprint a much badly needed lift. Too bad I don't live in Baltimore anymore, and will never go back. Everyone wanting 3.5g speeds should jump on the wimax bandwagon for a couple of years, until LTE comes out. Once LTE is launched in just as many places in the US as wimax then sprints customers will gladly jump off the much slower wimax bandwagon and jump on with LTE. Oh and the LTE bandwagon isn't just going to be a lot faster, but eventually you will be able to take your much faster bandwagon with you throughout almost all of the civilized world. :)

11. unregistered

Worldwide consistency is great for those who travel. Alas, less than 20% of the US even owns passports and many of those are naturalized citizens who have one for their travels. And international roaming is expensive. So why does everyone keep making a big deal about this? Both Wimax and LTE will bring us lots of cool new things...does it have to be "my network will kick your network's butt"? Truthfully, something is coming after wimax. Something is coming after LTE. But LTE isn't here yet and wimax is here now. So why don't we just enjoy what we have and look forward to the future instead of getting all 6th grade about it. At least it's not still analog and NiCad. And brain tumors.

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