WiMAX is ready for prime time

WiMAX is ready for prime time
Samsung announced today that their WiMAX network has passed Sprint's testing and is ready for a commercial launch.  Samsung is one of three WiMAX vendors for Sprint, Motorola and Nokia are also providing infrastructure.  The Baltimore and Washington D.C. network is being built using Samsung equipment, and will launch commercially later this year.  There is no mention of the other providers passing testing, or when WiMAX will officially be launched, but hot on the heels of some big investors this is another big hurdle cleared towards the nation's first 4G network.

source: Sprint



1. unregistered

Joke Joke Joke! Ill wait for LTE. Can you say Open Access???

2. holla!! unregistered

you would wait two more years for LTE rather than enjoy Wimax cuz your such a fanboy?? wow, the dedication!! you sir are to be admired...

3. unregistered

youre an idiot. wimax has always been built as an open access platform. youll find it embedded in not only cell phones and laptops, but also digital cameras, mp3 players, cars and pretty much everything else youd want internet in. its pretty much like wifi, any device that can access it will be able to as long as youre a subscriber (no contract necessary)

4. Martian_Manhunter unregistered

Not only is that dedication, it's dedication to a crap company (aka VZW).

8. unregistered

a crap company that makes more money than any other carrier

5. unregistered

In all fairness, LTE probably will be the better tech. There are several wimax start-ups that have already gone out of business because the tech just isn't quite there yet. Considering Sprint is the only carrier that went with WiMax (Verizon isn't the only one going with LTE) you kind of have to question if it's really as ready for prime time as they say it is.

6. unregistered

heres the thing though, wimax isnt meant to be a cellular solution, its simply a technology cellular can use. it was designed to be integrated into all kinds of tech. i think thats a big reason sprint branded it clearwire, and there is no reason sprint cant still pursue lte as their cellular data solution (which would free up significant traffic on the wimax network too.) sure, lte could be better, but there is always something better on the horizon. being first to market with 4g isnt something to be underestimated

7. unregistered

You're right... there is always something better on the horizon; except for the fact that Wimax and LTE were in discussion ALMOST around the same time, so both technologies are relatively new. It's just that more Cell companies decided to go the way of LTE. Long Term Evolution ... so they're thinking that way ... LONG TERM. In some cases, LTE will be compatible with Wimax ( depending on the device ). Being the first to adopt something doesn't always make it worthwhile. Verizon started the whole Push to Talk thing but rushed it out just to be the first ones with it. Nextel, armed with Qualcomm's technology, perfected it. I think the same will happen with Wimax. I really hope it does something to help that dismal Sprint network. And I don't understand why they didn't prepare for this ahead of time. Currently, they have nothing that will take advantage of Wimax technology ( although there are rumors about the CDMA version of Blackberry Bold being Wimax capable when it comes out ). It's like building an incredible engine without the cars to put it in. Besides, just about everybody else ( including western Europe ) has committed to LTE.

9. Don Louie unregistered

At least they will have the new tech out 1st, maybe T-mobile will adopt this too. Wichful thinking I know

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