Nokia N810 WiMAX announced

Nokia N810 WiMAX announced
Nokia officially announced the N810 Internet Tablet WiMAX Edition. Upgrade to the N810, N810 WiMAX has an identical design (but a new color scheme) and adds WiMAX support to the pack. When compared to WiFi, WiMAX delivers a more extended range and a higher connection speed. However, if you are not in an area with such coverage, WiFi is also present.

The new N810 will run on an upgraded version of the OS2008 with an enhanced e-mail client (something we didn’t like in our review), support for Chinese characters in the browser, RSS feeds and improved software updates. Current N810 and N800 users would also be able to upgrade to it.

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1. unregistered

Is it on Sprint? They better get a CDMA for Sprint as I can go for a 2 year contract than wait for 2 years to get on the LTE bandwagon. Also as per Intel, to get a full browser exp, we need atleast a 4 inch disp with 800 x 480 res, and with Linux, you cant go wrong. Any thots...pls share

3. unregistered

Why does everyone bring up LTE in reference to WiMAx? LTE and WiMax are 2 different technologies with 2 different intentions. Everyone keeps giving Sprint flack about choosing WiMax over LTE but it is by far the smartest choice. LTE is limited to phones where WiMax will be used in computers, audio/visual devices, navigation systems for cars, among a host of other products. Sprint just jumped into a whole new ballgame and expanded their portfolio exponentially by creating WiMax. This will turn entire cities into Wifi spots, ENTIRE CITIES!! The reason no other carrier has chosen WiMAx???????..................because sprint owns 51% of Clearwire, the company that Spint created in conjunction with Intel, Google and other companies to manage it. Other companies went with LTE because they would either have to use Sprint's network, or build their own. Sprint has a monster on a chain right now and I love it. Once people have this available in thier cities they will see the value, it will work on their phone's similar to wifi, Sprint will still have Evdo Rev O and Rev A when WiMax is not available, no more looking for Wifi hot spots for computers, your car will use it to play streaming video and audio, navigation systems will use it, you can use it in home to stream movies, there are a million different ways that customers will be able to use this beyond just their phone. LTE can not compete with WiMAx, and I am excited for it to roll out in L.A. personally. Hope this clears up the LTE/WiMAx argument. Let me know if you have any questions.

4. unregistered

Hi there, Hey im very excited about the launch of Wimax too! Where can i learn more about it? it would be great if you can help! Thanks, Justin

2. unregistered

Guys, Any appns for UTube? Well! They already have Real and Flash and its "Linux", so I guess someone cool will dev it down the lane...

5. unregistered

Can I use that cellphone with AT&T company?

6. Ponting

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It's a good news for the Tablet users that the Nokia has announced to launch the N810 Internet Tablet WiMAX the upgraded version to the N810. It has same design but now available with different colors.

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