Would you like to see AMOLED screens on future iPhones?

Would you like to see AMOLED screens on future iPhones?
Both LCD and AMOLED screen technologies have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is often the way that the mobile device maker implements and calibrates them that matters, rather than the technology itself. The newer AMOLED tech is harder to come by and more expensive to produce at the moment, while the "older" LCD technology is constantly being innovated on, so it is often a matter of personal preference which one to pick, if you care at all about the display technology in your phone.

There have been persistent rumors that Apple might eventually use an AMOLED screen for its iPhone line for a while now, as long as it deems the technology with enough advantages and mass production capabilities to warrant a long hard look at it. Well, this constant barrage of iPhone-with-AMOLED rumors has finally gotten something of a timeframe, as both a reputable Apple analyst, and a display industry insider, have tipped that Apple is toying around with Samsung's AMOLED display technology for future iPhones. When we say future, this time we have concrete predictions for 2018 at the earliest, meaning that the next two iPhone generations may have already been pegged to still use LCD for certain.

This is why we wanted to ask you whether you would like to see Apple adopt the AMOLED display tech for its future iPhones, be it a few generations from now. Take your pick in the poll below, and sound off in the comments.

Would you like to see AMOLED screens in future iPhones?

Yes, I am a fan of AMOLED technology
No, I am an LCD fan
I don't care, whatever works best



2. Zack_2014

Posts: 677; Member since: Mar 25, 2014

Apple is gonna jump into AMOLED once the tech is fully mature(which most like is in the next 2 years) and when it is superior to LCDs in every aspect. As of now, AMOLEDs still suffer from burn in problems when it stays at a static screen for too long. They consume much higher power when displaying whites too. (Web Pages mostly)

9. Finalflash

Posts: 4063; Member since: Jul 23, 2013

Not really, Apple will jump in when AMOLED is cheaper than LCD or as cheap in every aspect. As of now, it is not cheaper and therefore, consumes more profits than Apple's customers are worth to Apple. Currently, Apple uses TFT LCD tech in their phones which is practically the cheapest and lowest quality LCD tech available, but hey, lets just delude ourselves into thinking they care about quality.

11. fatexo

Posts: 221; Member since: May 21, 2010

They use IPS LCD which is one of the best screen tech out there.

13. Commentator

Posts: 3723; Member since: Aug 16, 2011

Technically IPS is TFT, but his comment was purposely left as bait so he could respond (and probably call you an idiot or something.) As it stands, most flagships use TFT displays, and most look fantastic. Pro tip: Just because it isn't as good as the Note 5 screen (IMO the best out there) doesn't mean it's garbage.

45. fatexo

Posts: 221; Member since: May 21, 2010

I know but my point was they use IPS which are in no way cheapest and lowest quality

14. Finalflash

Posts: 4063; Member since: Jul 23, 2013

IPS is a type of TFT LCD display so yea they use IPS displays.

46. fatexo

Posts: 221; Member since: May 21, 2010

which are in no way the cheapest lowest quality panel

48. rubyonrails3

Posts: 375; Member since: Oct 01, 2014

I doubt it, Apple when uses technologies invented by others when they really get mature.. but Apple do bring new stuff but Android users won't see that cuz they are biased... actually I can say same about iOS/iPhone users they are bias and they'll degrade Android.. Samsung excel in AMOLED and at the moment they are in best state and Note 5 is an example. My Nexus 6P have AMOLED but it feels hmm less bright but looks great.. BTW you are delusional about Apple uses low quality LCD's.. they uses best in class.. of course you won't agree but why don't you read Anandtech review. iPhone 6s(which was my first iPhone) have just 750p display but its really great.. it feels close to 1080p cuz pixel are so well arranged..

12. maherk

Posts: 6879; Member since: Feb 10, 2012

Lol you know that this isn't the case, but the fanboy inside of you has to deny it. If LCDs are superior atm, why did Apple go with Amoled panels on the Apple Watch??

17. darkkjedii

Posts: 31055; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Good point my dude. Apple is making the switch, cause they know AMOLED is better.

28. maherk

Posts: 6879; Member since: Feb 10, 2012

Much better. When HTC makes the switch to Amoled, when almost everyone is switching to Amoled, then you shouldn't try to act like a smart@ss and claim that LCDs are better, especially when almost every professional reviewer out there has crowned the screens in the latest Samsung flagships as the best in the market.

35. Romantico3pe

Posts: 179; Member since: Sep 14, 2015

They cant call amoled screens the best because they still suffer from burn in and degradation

69. TechieXP1969

Posts: 14967; Member since: Sep 25, 2013

No, they do not!

42. darkkjedii

Posts: 31055; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Well said. +1

62. NoToFanboys

Posts: 3231; Member since: Oct 03, 2015

+1 The fanboys here think that a technology is crappy/gimmicky until Apple uses it.

59. Diezparda

Posts: 941; Member since: Oct 23, 2013

It's better in direct sunlight, and contrast too watching video is awesome on Galaxy device. At some point probably he's right (though it's sound biassed). I remember my Note 3 back then, the color are inaccurate (basicly i don't care as far as it'll please my eyes ,but it's quite bad that anyone will notice). Note 4 improved a lot since that time & i'm glad to say the Amoled panel on Note 5 & S6 probably is one of the best display at this moment.

65. cheetah2k

Posts: 2256; Member since: Jan 16, 2011

The only reason Apple is making the switch, is because the tech has matured, and they need a new thing to make BS and call the iPhone "revolutionary" LOLOLOLOLOLOL


Posts: 1168; Member since: Oct 05, 2015

Thinner, and better for consumption as a clock only needs the time telling parts of the panel lit when showing time. If you think logically, it would be silly to use an LCD (read: backlight) for a watch!

24. alex3run

Posts: 715; Member since: May 18, 2014

AMOLEDs do not eat much more energy while displaying white.

33. adecvat

Posts: 640; Member since: Nov 15, 2013

+ flickering

66. cheetah2k

Posts: 2256; Member since: Jan 16, 2011

Flickering? where? wheres your proof

38. Romantico3pe

Posts: 179; Member since: Sep 14, 2015

They should jump whenever they fix the burn in issue, i use my work cell phone for navigation and i already had burned in 3 of them with amoled screens so for me is trash

51. Ruturaj

Posts: 1484; Member since: Oct 16, 2014

Fully mature? I guess from note 4, the amolded screens are (overall) better than iphone's screen.

3. zig8100

Posts: 243; Member since: Dec 13, 2012

Nope. Just because I think Samsung should keep those screens just for their phones.

36. Sidewinder

Posts: 515; Member since: Jan 15, 2015

Or supply apple with a low quality last gen amoled like they do so with Motorola

55. PapaSmurf

Posts: 10457; Member since: May 14, 2012


4. jellmoo

Posts: 2588; Member since: Oct 31, 2011

Absolutely. I'm a sucker for an AMOLED display. The perfect blacks and vibrant colours are just so much nicer to look at. It's light years better than an LCD panel when it comes to enjoying content.

5. Iodine

Posts: 1480; Member since: Jun 19, 2014

I would like to see a next gen Retina display panel on the next iPhone, nothing more nothing less. And I deffinitelly want that display to be much thinner, that's a necesity. But specifications for the next iPhone are already finished, so I can only wait for what kind of exciting improvements Apple will bring to the table next year.

6. theguy2345

Posts: 1216; Member since: Jun 24, 2014

I don't buy Iphones, but I don't think they should switch to AMOLED, because of the burn in issues, Mura effect, and uneven color degradation, among other things. They should just use quantum dot, like LG and Sony.

7. Dee79

Posts: 307; Member since: Jun 19, 2014

Apple gonna copy Samsungs curves are they. Tut tut

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