World's thinnest LTE chip might make your next AT&T 4G LTE tablet Phat

World's thinnest LTE chip might make your next AT&T 4G LTE tablet Phat
Sierra Wireless has introduced the thinnest 4G LTE chip. Weighing in at 2.5mm (to mix a metaphor) the AirPrime EM7700 is 2mm thinner than the previous record holder. That means that the AirPrime EM7700 is 44% thinner than the next thinnest chip. There is one caveat, though, the chip was designed to work only on AT&T's brand of 4G LTE and supports Qualcomm's Gobi 4G modem. The chip is expected to start shipping during the last few weeks of the Spring.

In addition to cutting the fat, Sierra Wireless has also sliced off the chip's support for EDGE which means that it is LTE/HSPA+ enabled only. Not that too many of you would miss EDGE anyway save for those ancient warriors still rocking the OG Apple iPhone. Ah, but we digress. The Air Prime EM7700 is expected to see use in Windows 8 flavored ultrabooks and tablets. If you see smaller designs for such AT&T LTE enabled devices, now you will know the reason why.

source: SierraWireless via Engadget


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