Wish you could handle multiple SIM cards in your single-SIM device? There is SIMore

Wish you could handle multiple SIM cards in your single-SIM device? There is SIMore
The need for a multi-SIM capable device is virtually non-existent in the United States. It is however, a very real consideration in other parts of the world, where rates, coverages, and other features do not necessarily overlap.

Device subsidies, and well-built networks in developed markets have effectively eliminated the need for dual-or-triple-SIM devices. Multi-SIM devices can be handy though if you are creative with pre-paid plans, travel a great deal, or need to stretch the usefulness of every dollar you spend.

Indeed, pinching pennies is a real challenge in other parts of the world, even as technology gets more and more affordable. Now, devices that are a couple generations old, like an iPhone 5, or Samsung Galaxy S4 are even more accessible on secondary markets. The problem is for many folks though, they are single-SIM smartphones.

That is where SIMore comes in. A product of Switzerland-based Stancom, SIMore is a multi-SIM adapter for your single-SIM device. Products like the X-Triple 6 allows you to connect three SIM cards to your iPhone or other single-SIM device without having to keep a SIM-ejector tool handy.

By themselves, the multi-SIM products can look a bit ungainly, but SIMore also has purpose built cases that contain the ribbon and additional SIM cards, but also provide storage and protection for even more SIM cards.

For iPhone users, the best part is that no jailbreak is required. SIMore makes multi-SIM kits for just about every device, including all the iPhones, the new HTC One M9, as well as the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. There is a compatibility guide to help you select the solution that is best for you.

Prices for the kits alone start at about €35 or $40, and go up to about €99 or $120 for Bluetooth multi-point access nodes that handle the SIM cards for you. SIMore ships worldwide.

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sources: SIMore via ZDNet

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