Windows Phone 8 critical errors look just like the ones on a desktop PC

Windows Phone 8 critical errors look just like the ones on a desktop PC
Believe it or not, the images you see below haven't been Photoshopped. These are real error messages displayed on Windows Phone 8 devices – an HTC Windows Phone 8X and a Nokia Lumia 920, in this case. Do they look familiar? They probably do because identical error screens pop-up in desktop versions of the Windows operating system whenever something goes seriously wrong. And if you look closely at these photos, you'll notice that the user is being asked to insert their Windows installation disc, even though the smartphone clearly doesn't have a disc drive. Oh, the irony!

Fortunately, weird error screens like these don't appear often on Windows Phone. Actually, they should not appear at all, unless someone tinkers with the operating system, which is exactly what the owners of those (probably dysfunctional) smartphones did. So please, don't try to mess with the brains of your Windows Phone 8 handsets, unless you wan't to experience the "joy" of reading these error screens yourself.

source: Mikko Hypponen (Twitter), via Neowin


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