Windows Phone 7 is confirmed to offer voice control for Zune

Windows Phone 7 is confirmed to offer voice control for Zune
There is no denying the kind of glitz and glamor presentation we're expecting to experience when Windows Phone 7 launches, but even though it is still slated to lack copy and paste from the onset, we're glad to see that voice control in Zune is still on track. The Voice Command software found with Windows Mobile had a unique feature that allowed users to control music playback in Windows Media Player. Thankfully the Tellme voice recognition service that's going to be incorporated into Windows Phone 7 is confirmed to basically accomplish the same task. Users will be able to play specific song titles by just speaking a keyword, such as “play”, followed by the artist, album, or song title. Granted though it's a nice feature to offer, it's hard to speculate whether additional voice recognition services will be rolled out to other portions within the platform. However, Microsoft surely has a long road ahead fine tuning the platform to really get it up to the level they truly envision it to be. Still, the inclusion of the feature is needless to say better than not offering it at all.

source: MobilitySite via wmpoweruser

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