Windows Phone 7 'Mango' update expected in late 2011

Windows Phone 7 'Mango' update expected in late 2011
Windows Phone 7 users were hoping for a massive update to come in January. We told you recently, however, that the January update will likely only contain copy/paste functionality and CDMA support. Then there is another update in February, to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, which will contain increased customization options and improved developer tools.

According to ZDNet, a truly 'massive' update won't be coming until August or September of 2011. That update, codenamed 'Mango,' will add both the Silverlight plug-in and HTML 5 support for WP7's Internet Explorer. The rumor mill suggests that the 'Mango' update will actually be called Windows Phone 7.5, and we can hope that it will include multi-tasking.

The 'Mango' or Windows Phone 7.5 update will preclude the 'Apollo' update in 2012, which may in fact be Windows Phone 8. We can expect one of these updates, more likely 'Mango,' to contain increased enterprise functionality. Although Windows Phone 7 would make a terrific enterprise operating system, it currently supports a limited portion of Exchange ActiveSync features.

But we want to know what you think. Is this rollout too slow for your tastes? Or are you satisfied with their slow-but-sure update strategy?

source: ZDNet via BoyGeniusReport



6. hellride unregistered

The things I miss: 1. Direct access to the filesystem on the phone and from my PC(even if that means MS locks down the OS part of it) 2. VPN 3. Remote Desktop 4. And seriously Flash would be nice. I would love to be able to klick on your FB WP7 video posts but the video won't play other than copy and paste the link into the YouTube app. Oh wait, I mean write down the link on a piece of paper and then type it in since I can't even do that. I am really a huge Microsoft enthusiast and personally don't use anything else but on phones I am starting to get frustrated.

5. hellride unregistered

As most people I love the new interface and finally having a stable windows mobile OS that doesn't crash when I need it. However I miss lots of features of the old phone and even for that fact carry two HTC phones. Of course I mostly use the new Windows Phone 7 to play rather than work since I simply can't. I bought this phone thinking that the giant Microsoft would put it's horsepower to play and throw me some updates in a timely fashion but simply failed to do so. As prior to the the premature release I keep hearing about these fantastic features that never show up. The phone is like dating a hot chick that only lets you look at second base but you never get there and start to consider dumping it.

4. alex kay unregistered

I really dont understand you i think every phone i have had allows me to play videos, are you retarded? I think yes.

3. Msgco unregistered

Very, very dissapointing. The internet without flash support is a joke. We have been waiting for years for flash to come on the scene. I can't play my news videos, you tube videos, the list goes on and on.We have waited long and hard. I can't believe we are in the year 2011 and the vast majority of mobile handsets can't play flash!!! A great shame on Microsoft and Apple. We keep being given lots of useless apps that are supposed to make are life better. For cying out loud!! , the one app or fuction that really matters is Flash!!,Flash!!! All I can say is, well done google for introducing flash 10.1 support into android and carry on making a great operating sysytem by listening to your consumers. As for Microsoft and apple, they can !!!

2. Ptr unregistered

It is a nice operating system but I miss the following things: - Smart dialer (It was perfect in WinMo 6) - Direct access to it's file system - A proper sync tool that allows you to backup and restore all your data - Better Internet Browser (e.g.: navigation menu in landscape mode)

1. DrewSadik

Posts: 18; Member since: Nov 07, 2010

i lovw Windows Phone 7

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