Windows Mobile ships fewer smartphones than BlackBerry OS in Q2 2008

Windows Mobile ships fewer smartphones than BlackBerry OS in Q2 2008
While Symbian is losing marketshareto everyone else, what is most surprising about Gartner'sreport on 2nd Quarter smartphone sales is how well RIM isdoing. In the Q2, not only did RIM not have any new devicesout (warmed over BlackBerry Curves don't really count), it had tocontend with delicious Windows Mobile devices like the Samsung OMNIA and the HTC Touch Diamond. With the BlackBerryBold set for imminent release and a whole slew of newBlackBerry devices enroute (Storm,Javelin,etc.), the rest of 2008 looks to be peachy (although the effect of thecredit crunch on Wall Street cannot be completely ignored, given RIM'scorporate roots).

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1. unregistered

I hope this shock and awe factor of how well blackberry sales, and Mac OS X (we can just say iPhone) sales increased, compared to WinMo's 500k market share is enough to push windows to inovate and rethink their platform. I love WinMo, but I feel it has become a stagnant beast like palm with not updating the UI frequently enough, nor drastically enough to alter the experience. I have used WinMo since my i730 2.5 years ago and have been a loyal WinMo fan since. I am excited to see what changes Microsoft Brings with WinMo 7 and what HTC can do to better the experience.

2. unregistered

at least windows has updated it within the last few years... palm hasnt done it in AGES

3. unregistered

So why is it that there are so few softwares for RIM?? I doesn't even have a simple Chess game. Technically the best mobile OS is Symbian. Practically it's Windows Mobile. Ideally it's Android. Visually it's iPhone.

4. likeabite unregistered

#3 you are right on the money. Windows mobile is what everyone should use. I would say even corporations should use it over blackberries but the staleness of windows is what has stunted their growth. Visually it is all iphone, and visuals is the only thing it has going for it. Android I have to wait and see and I really dont know much about Symbian expect from small uses here and there on Nokia handsets but I want to know what software is out there for it and why the rest of the world loves it so much, lol.

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