BlackBerry Javelin shows its face on eBay

BlackBerry Javelin shows its face on eBay
The recently rumored BlackBerry Javelin has shown its face on eBay, and with bidding at $4,056.99, is quite high. Unlike many of the hoaxes that appear on eBay regularly, this auction appears to be legitimate, and is offered by a seller with a 99.5 percent approval rating. In addition to the positive marks, the auction provides photos that appear to be genuine. The phone, unannounced by Research In Motion, has seen a following among the internet phone community. According to the eBay auction, the phone offers a 512 MHz processor, hot-swappable microSD slot - located under the battery door, 480 by 360 high-res HVGA+ display, 3.2 megapixel camera and Micro USB charging/syncing port, with high speed data. The Canada-based auctioneer is offering international shipping, although the winning bidder must initiate contact after the auction to determine exact costs.

source: eBay via Pocket-Lint



1. harper unregistered

can someone PLEASE tell me when verizon will get the blackberry bold? i know theyre getting the niagara in may. but what bout the bold?

2. patfireben unregistered

Who cares? Verizon is getting the RIM Blackberry Storm touchscreen phone. The RIM Blackberry Bold will be released only on AT&T.

3. unregistered

the blackberry storm is garbage!!!!!!! go to youtube and search for it there is a video and the person reviewing it says its TERRIBLE!!!!

4. haprer unregistered

Are you sure its only on att? i think i heard it comes for verizon in a couple of months? thats what i heard? any one agree? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!

5. unregistered


6. unregistered

From what insiders say, the video is an older build. Plus.... are you going to take the word of a kid with a bandanna around his mouth? "Uhhhh and uhhh I don't like it" I rather wait and see for myself when the real device launches because not only is the Storm garbage but the Bold is garbage. Supposely a Bold will make it's way to VZW next year. AT&T hasnt even released theirs yet, (because it's garbage) so there will be a exclusivity time for them.

9. unregistered

THE BOLD IS THE NIAGARA. its like the same thing?

10. unregistered

alright who ever you are..blackberry sucks at touchscreen phones i can tell you that the storm is going to be garbage. thats why people should stick to htc

11. unregistered

Blackberry's suck at touchscreens? you know this how? Oh yeah the video the lasted 1:48. Don't be a tool.

12. unregistered

blackberry sucks at touchschreens???what are you basing that off of? the fact that RIM has never released an touchscreen device or the fact that youre stuck on ATT for another year and youre trying to make yourself feel better

16. att rep unregistered

att has the exclusive rights to the bold it wont come to verizon for a while just like the curve taht they just got like we had for a year and a half before them

17. att rep unregistered

Garbage??? have u played w it?? no u havent....well i have...the thing is redic...3g vga screen which is crisper that the iphones...records and plays video...1 gig of internal memory html browser yea i know real terrible jackass

18. att rep unregistered

yea stick to touchscreens....the tilt 85250and 8125 were reaaaaal good....NOOOOOOOOOOO they all sucked

20. C-Chicki

Posts: 32; Member since: Sep 03, 2008

RIM has never release a BB with a touchscreen. What drugs are you taking? Do you believe everything people say? If someone told you college was a joke would you automaticly go with their opinion and continue flipping burgers? Jesus.

7. cartmanez unregistered

This isn't worth 4000 bucks. Besides, if RIM figures it out, they'll turn the device 'off' remotely.

8. unregistered

no they wont. they didnt when the bold was sold before the launch date, or the kickstart.

13. unregistered

as soon the device become commercially available RIM kills all the PINs on the pre-release phones.

14. qbyrd21 unregistered

isnt this phone CDMA!?!?!?! Bold- AT&T Storm- VZ Javelin- Sprint Niagra- T- mobile I thought this waz the way RIM was bringing out the new series of BB phones

15. unregistered

No... Bold AT&T Storm VZW Javelin T-mobile Niagara VZW, maybe Sprint too

19. unregistered

no only verizon still uses the dinosour technology

23. unregistered

Dinosaur Technology? CDMA came out after GSM. More than 50% of user in the US and Canada use CDMA

21. unregistered

The Bold for Verizon will be named the Storm 9350, and the box picture is already online, type "BlackBerry Storm Gets Boxed" on Google. That Javelin for sale on eBay, however, is a preproduction unit, and in Canada. There are now 3 of 'em on the 'Bay, and one says that the seller got it off a friend working at RIM. The Storm for Verizon will be out around the end of September :)

22. unregistered

Wow.... you are way off. The Bold for Verizon is codenames Niagara. The Storm is a Touchscreen phone to compete with the iphone it will be on Verizon, Vodafone and some other Canadian carriers. Bold 3G QWERTY with Camera, Storm Global Touchscreen with Camera.

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