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Windows Mobile 7 doesn't support 6.X apps?

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Windows Mobile 7 doesn't support 6.X apps?
Eldar Murtazin from mobile-Review was able to get his hands on a copy of Windows Mobile 7. His comments, sent out from his Twitter account, are interesting. He says that the OS has been built from scratch. As a result, none of the 6.x apps will work on the software. He says there's "a lot of horizontal movements, a lot of additional info byclicks... for WM users it will be a great step ahead. For market it's acopycat of Android 3.1/3.2 [or iPhone." (He probably meant Android 2.0/2.1). It sounds like the guys at Redmond are using the ole' Scorched Earth technique by starting all over again and-at this point in time anyway-that collection of apps that you've built will also have to be started from scratch and the Windows Marketplace for Mobile will need a department filled with Windows Mobile 7 compatible downloads. We should learn more next month at MWC-if Windows Mobile 7 makes the trip. For the entire tweet of the conversation with Murtazin, visit the source link.

source: WMPoweruser via EngadgetMobile


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