Windows 8 Clover Trail tablets coming from Acer and Lenovo in Q3?

Windows 8 Clover Trail tablets coming from Acer and Lenovo in Q3?
In 2011, Microsoft and Windows missed a whole year in tablets, but in 2012, it’s about time for Microsoft to make a return. One of the first Windows 8 tablets are expected in the third quarter of 2012, when PC makers Acer and Lenovo will out slates. The juicy rumor comes from hit-and-miss daily DigiTimes, quoting anonymous sources from component suppliers in Asia. It refutes previous rumor about a Q4 release of the first gadgets running on Clover Trail.

Intel is expected to unveil devices running on Medfield, the company’s 32nm System-on-Chip, at CES in a mere week. The Clover Trail Atom chips are however expected a bit later, but are to be more powerful and power efficient.

Intel’s mobile silicon is expected to come in two varieties in 2012 - Medfield in the first half of the year and Clover Trail in the second, and in 2013 the company is planning to make the jump to 22nm with Silvermont. In 2014, the plan is to have 14nm chips under the Airmont codename.

source: DigiTimes via BGR


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Bring em on baby I hope that people can get used to the metro tiles look of the screen I want to write and show microsoft that the present way they are presenting their metro smart tiles is not the best way. I like metro tiles because they are not like dumb icon desktop shortcuts , Metro live tiles are great because you can see data ,Messages., photos and ect updated in the Metro live tiles. yoo if any one at Microsoft want's some suggestions from a person who has used the windows developers preview software everyday since it first was released to the Public please email me so I can give you some input you need to know before you put it on the Market place I will help you not Danm you

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