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Will you switch to Verizon, because of the Apple iPhone 4?

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Will you switch to Verizon, because of the Apple iPhone 4?
"Can you hear me now?", said the Verizon guy, as he switched to his shiny new Apple iPhone 4. The Sprint and T-Mobile guys were now a bit jealous, as it was yet uncertain if their carriers are to ever get the latest Apple handset. Not that they didn't have some pretty well-spec'd Android smartphones to choose from, but you know, why should someone have something, and you shouldn't? However, if someone has learned that life isn't fair, this must be all phone enthusiasts, who are always torn between their favorite service plan and the brand new killer model that has just popped up at the local store of a rival carrier.

This is especially true today, as Verizon has finally introduced the Apple iPhone 4 to its network. And the question that many ask themselves is whether or not to jump ship and just go for it (in this case, go for Verizon). We are very excited to be giving you the opportunity to express yourselves on this very interesting matter now. No matter if it's AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile, it's only natural that some users are going through this moment of hesitation and consideration, about whether or not to leave their carrier, in turn for the chance to use the iPhone 4 on Verizon's vaunted network...

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