Will there be better games for Android after the release of NDK r3?

Will there be better games for Android after the release of NDK r3?
Let´s get down to brass tacks. The third edition of Android NDK has just been released – this is a software pack that enables developers to create programs capable of accessing the available system resources directly (also called "native" applications). In other words, it permits programmers to modify the platform and take advantage of new functions.

The third edition Android NDK brings various improvements and fixes certain bugs. Still, as consumers, what we feel most thrilled about is the added support for OpenGL ES 2.0. This is an API that allows for complex 3D graphics, much the same as all the cute visuals and eye-candies you can see when playing games specifically developed for the iPhone 3GS. Well, it seems that Android-based handsets equipped with OS version 2.0 or newer will also be able to take advantage of the extra feature soon. Now, we hope to see more developers jump on the bandwagon and hard at work, so they can flood the market with new applications (and as many games as possible) utilizing the full functionality of OpenGL ES 2.0. We would be happy as can be to review the Android versions of, say, Crysis or Unreal Tournament for you.

source: Android Developers


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Great news!

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