Will Snapchat offer a version of the app for Apple Watch users?

Will Snapchat offer a version of the app for Apple Watch users?
Snapchat is the messaging app that allows the recipients of a message to view it for ten seconds before it self-destructs. Currently, Snapchat requires that iOS users touch the screen in order to view photos and videos. But that might have to change in order for a version of the app to be made available for Apple Watch users. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel said at the Re/code Code Conference on Tuesday that the company considered developing a light version of Snapchat for Apple's intelligent timepiece, but decided against it.

On the other hand Snapchat's CEO said that the tap and hold UI might be on the way out as it holds users back from viewing longer videos. But if Snapchat makes a shift toward becoming a more video-centric app, it would most likely kill any chance of seeing an Apple Watch version of the messaging app.

Besides Snapchat, Facebook also has yet to push out an Apple Watch version. Some social media apps that have released a version for Apple's timepiece, like Instagram, have had to settle for abbreviated feature sets. This prevents those using Apple's timepiece from having the same  experience with these apps as iPhone or iPad users enjoy.

With talk that demand for the Apple Watch has been softer than expected, developers might feel that making a version of their app for the timepiece is less of a priority than it was just a few weeks ago.

source: AppleInsider
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