Will Android apps dominate the market and speed to the top?

Will Android apps dominate the market and speed to the top?
Android is in full swing and the sleepy giant within is about to wake up and make some strong waves. It was almost unheard of last year, after the release of the T-Mobile G1 in the US, to fathom the events that would transpire to make the platform become a dominant figure in the mobile world. Apple took their iPhone platform to the next level with the advent of the App Store – others soon followed suit with their own to compete in this new arena. Now this might as well become Android's year with a good chunk of developers taking the plunge of devoting significant resources to the mobile platform. We may soon see a boom in the amount of Android apps that are made available with the recent announcements of handsets making their way. San Francisco based metrics company, Flurry, stated that they've seen an unprecedented 94 percent increase in the number of projects started by Android developers between September and October. That's definitely an eye opening figure right there – which could indicate future trends of where it could go when more devices are made available across the globe. With Android slowly creeping up and becoming a part of almost every carrier's lineup, it's almost inevitable to think how much penetration they'll have in the app world. According to Gartner Research, it's expected that over 75 million Android handsets will ship in 2012, making Android become only number two behind Symbian as the most popular mobile operating system. We'd gather that developers would want to get as much exposure – making Android the perfect choice to branch out.

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