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Will Android 8.0 be named Octopus? (No)


Now that the Android O Developer Preview 4 is out, Google is once again getting serious about teasing with possible names. Case in point: the old Easter egg for Android O (which was really just Nougat's Neko Cat game) has just been replaced with an interactive (and slightly disconcerting) floating octopus.

Naturally, nearly everyone who heard this news immediately jumped to the conclusion that Android 8.0 will be named "Octopus" — not that far of a reach if you subscribe to the theory of an octopus being a tasty treat. But, it's also wrong.

We've been in the same boat before: last year Google teased us with "Namey McNameface." And before that, we got the shrug kaomoji — or in other words, there's a clear timeline of the Android team trolling the enthusiasts clamoring for an early reveal of the latest version's name.

So why an octopus? Well, it starts with an "o" for one thing. Plus, it has eight legs, which correlates with Android O being version 8.0. And as for the creature itself, there's little you can do with it: it moves downwards on its own, but you can also drag it around to see its tentacles stretch out. Groovy!

Also, the octofriend has an egg-shaped head (it's an Easter egg, you see), and that it sports the Android logo's facial features (though that mouth makes it look like a Canadian from South Park). 

All in all, this seems to be the only new feature of this preview: DP4 being a release candidate means it's pretty much finalized in terms of new features, and the only thing remaining is to iron out the last of the bugs, if any. So we might get to see the final release pretty soon, with which we can expect to get the final name of the version as well.

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