WhatsApp beta for Android now allows you to search for GIFs from within the app

WhatsApp beta for Android now allows you to search for GIFs from within the app
The newest beta version of popular messaging platform WhatsApp's Android app has finally introduced a built-in GIF search engine. The feature comes to the platform several months after its debut in the iOS version of the app.

GIF messages were possible before this update, but users were limited to either sending GIFs already downloaded on their device, or relying on third-party apps' cumbersome solutions. The new beta adds a GIF search functionality accessed through the emoji button located to the left of the text field. Opening the menu reveals a list of popular suggestions, but users can search for a specific keyword, the results of which will come from GIF sharing platforms Giphy and Tenor. Along with this addition comes a new limit on shared multiple media items, meaning you can now send up to 30 photos in a single message, rather than just 10.

This update comes in a time where almost every one of the app's competitors, be it direct or indirect, already has their own version of the feature. It seems the platform has been lagging behind for quite some time now – video calling, for example, was rolled out just last November, after years of user requests to do so. This comes as a surprise, as statistics show that WhatsApp is still the top messaging app in the world. Whether or not Facebook is deliberately favoring their own Messenger over its adopted sibling, the end result is still a service that feels somewhat out of touch with its user base, making it less attractive to new users in an industry where growth is key.

The new feature is live now in version 2.17.6 of the beta client and, should no problems arise, will be coming to the stable release soon. If you'd rather not wait until then, you can sign up to test the beta version here.

via: Android Police

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