What's new in iOS 10 Beta 3?

IOS 10 developer Beta 3 went live today and, naturally, devoted Apple fans rolled up their sleeves and dove right in. Here is a round-up of all new features and changes that have been discovered in the iOS 10 Beta 3. Keep in mind that more will surely pop up in the following days.

  • Downloading from Safari/Mail straight to iCloud

This feature was present in the second iOS 10 beta, but didn't actually work. Now, with iOS 10 Beta 3, users can download files from the Mail app and Safari straight to iCloud.

  • Rest Finger to Open

Another feature that was introduced in iOS 10 Beta 2, but did not function correctly, has been fixed in the new release. Nestled in the Accessibility section, Rest Finger to Open, like the name suggests, allows users to unlock their devices using Touch ID by simply resting a finger on the home button once the device is awake. The first beta release of iOS 10 introduced a slightly altered unlocking method which required an additional press of the home button, but the new accessibility feature allows users to go back to how things were in iOS 9.x.

  • Apple's Health App now offers to improve your activity

Improve Activity is a new feature in the stock Health app that has been introduced in iOS 10 Beta 3. Users will be prompted to enable it the first time they run the app, but it can be easily enabled or disabled later in the app's settings. When enabled, the Health app sends anonymous data to Apple, in order to improve its features on a user-by-user basis.

  • Siri and third-party apps

Siri has a new App Support section which lists third-party apps that work with Siri. It can be found under Settings > Siri.

  • Messaging

“Replying to messages from the lock screen” bug has been fixed. The expanded notification system introduced in iOS 10 opened a sort of a loophole on the lock screen, which allowed basically anyone to view and reply to messages straight from the lock screen, without unlocking the device. Image previews in Messages are no longer cropped to square previews.

  • Pokemon Go's AR mode has been fixed

Pokemon Go's AR mode did not work in the previous iOS 10 beta releases, but that has been fixed with Beta 3.

  • Share option in 3D Touch Quick Actions

Another feature that was introduced in the first beta release of iOS 10 has been fleshed out in Beta 3. The Share option in the 3D Touch Quick Actions on the Home Screen was there only in the form of an icon. Now, the icon is accompanied by the full name of the app.

  • “Taptic” feedback on manual lock

When manually locking an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, users will receive haptic feedback from their device. Older models lock with a sound.

  • The keyboard is clicking again

The stock iOS 10 keyboard had a nice clicking sound in Beta 1, which was removed in the second release, and reintroduced again in Beta 3. Make up your mind, people!

That's it for now. New things are bound to be dug up in the following days, as per usual. If anything particularly exciting comes up, we will make sure to update you.

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