What makes the Full HD IPS display on the LG Optimus G Pro better than AMOLED

What makes the Full HD IPS display on the LG Optimus G Pro better than AMOLED
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There was a time when AMOLED display panels were all the rage. People seemed to love them for a number of reasons that made them stood out among the LCD crowd – they were brighter, livelier, and easily caught one's eye. But as we well know, the modern mobile industry evolves at a rapid pace. AMOLED screens – the kind that are still used in a multitude of smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III, and Galaxy Nexus, to name a few, are gradually losing their lead. In fact, the best IPS LCD panels are superior to AMOLEDs in many aspects, which is why they are outfitted on may top-of-the-line handsets – the LG Optimus G Pro and its gorgeous, 5.5-inch Full HD IPS display being a perfect example of this. Allow us to elaborate: for starters, IPS displays have the most

Accurate colors

you can see on a mobile device today. AMOLED panels may look impressive, but their color intensity, which is often pumped-up, can be misleading to the naked eye. In contrast, IPS LCD panels are capable of reproducing colors as closely to reality as possible, thus producing a more natural image. In other words, IPS technology will give you those bright, punchy color hues only when they are meant to look that way. Furthermore, colors on IPS LCD panels tend to retain their accuracy even when viewed at an angle. The best IPS displays have

Excellent viewing angles

and produce little to no color degradation when looked at from the side. Why is that beneficial, you ask? Well, let's say that you're playing a video of a recent birthday party to your friends, and you're playing it on an LG Optimus G Pro, equipped with a beautiful Full HD IPS display – all of your buddies have gathered around you and can the video clearly no matter where they're standing. On the other hand, many AMOLED panels exhibit a shift of colors towards the cooler side. It won't be nice if that cream frosting on the cake looks blueish, would it? But it doesn't all end there. In addition, high-quality IPS screens are known for having

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Better brightness and outdoor visibility

than most AMOLED panels. These two traits go hand in hand for if a screen has a high brightness output, it can outshine the sun's scorching rays and be usable even in broad daylight. In the LCD screen's case, white light comes from a powerful backlight, while with AMOLED panels, each pixel has to produce its own light. And speaking of pixels, have you noticed that an IPS LCD display has

Better sharpness and detail

than many of its AMOLED counterparts? That's clearly obvious not only when the display is looked at under a microscope – the difference can be seen in real life as well. Even at equally high resolutions, IPS LCD screens almost always deliver a more detailed image than AMOLED displays because of the way each individual pixel is laid on the panel. IPS screens stick to the traditional RGB sub-pixel arrangement – for each pixel, there are three sub-pixels representing either red, green, or blue colored light. A great number of AMOLED displays still in use today, however, used the so-called “PenTile” sub-pixel arrangement, which you might have heard of already. Simply put, each AMOLED pixel consists of only two sub-pixels, which in turn leads to a less detailed image and creates those fuzzy edges that can be seen around curved graphic elements and in small text.

So after reading all this, now you know that IPS displays have many advantages over AMOLED screens, and we're likely to have IPS LCD screen technology around for quite some time. IPS displays can be sharper, glow brighter, and reproduce colors as accurate as they should be. That's why you will see them on so many high-end Android smartphones, such as the LG Optimus G Pro, to name one perfect example. If you demand the very best, rest assured that IPS is the right way to go.

Advertorial by LG: The opinions expressed in this story may not reflect the positions of PhoneArena!

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