What features do smartphone buyers look at to determine which phone to buy?

What features do smartphone buyers look at to determine which phone to buy?
A lot of different factors go into determining what kind of phone a person ultimately purchases. Battery life was the number one feature that buyers look at whether they buy an Android, iOS or Android phone. 56% of those buying an Android flavored handset said that battery life was important to them, something repeated by 49% of  iOS buyers and 53% of Window Phone purchasers.

Not surprisingly, screen size is not as important to iPhone buyers. Only 22% of them cited the size of the screen as a reason for buying a particular model. 37% of Android buyers and 34% of Windows Phone buyers used the screen size as a criteria for making a specific purchase.

Those who say that iPhone buyers purchase the phone merely because it says Apple on it, here are some stats to back you up. Nearly a third of iPhone buyers said that the brand name was a factor behind their purchase. That was true for a quarter of both Android and Windows Phone buyers.

What other factors are important to Android, iOS and Windows Phone buyers? Check the chart below to find out.

source: @fjeronimo via WMPoweruser


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